A Better Commute: Ways to a More Productive Day

A Better Commute: Ways to a More Productive Day

Getting to work daily may get mundane a lot of times, but when done better, it could be play a positive role in your daily productivity! We gathered some tips to make your long commute a productive part of your day. 
  • Read an e-book or article

  • Listen to podcast/audio book

  • Watch an educational video

  • Perform some quick mindful exercise

  • Learn a new language

  • Boost your brainpower with brain training apps


    BONUSUnexpected upsides of a long commute:

    • According to a study, people who commute with public transport as opposed to using personal vehicle are 15% more likely to be more fit. Although it's not a substitute for a regular gym session, a daily stroll to the bus stop or the MRT strikes a positive difference in your fitness levels.
    • Spaced learning, or periods of intense learning in short breaks, proofs to be the best way to study, according to research conducted at the University of Surrey Business school. This makes your commute the ideal setting to read those informative articles you have bookmarked, or even learn a new language! 
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